Offset Backing

Chick Mooney with Mooney CDL Training has produced several instructional videos that can be viewed on his YouTube channel or you can purchase his entire video libary directly from his website.

The exercise is to pull straight forward from one alley, to the opposite course boundary then back into the other alley.

For this exercise the course layout is 180' long by 24' wide. Within the course are two alleys each 12' wide by 40' deep.

  • Step 1 Beginning in the left alley pull forward to the far end cone. You are allowed two free pull-ups and can get out and look twice before being any points being counted against you.
  • Step 2 Once you reach the forward cone boundary, put it in reverse, but before you begin rolling turn hard counter-clockwise (left) as far as it will go.
  • Step 3 Take foot off the clutch and brake and let it roll back. As it does wait three seconds and then turn hard right until the tractor and trailer are in line. They will be in a diagonal on the course. When the tractor and trailer are in line you should be able to see the middle row of cones in your left mirror.
  • Step 4 Back until the rear of the trailer crosses the extended imaginary center line. At that point start the turn into the alley.
  • Step 5 Turn the wheel clockwise (Right) about three turns . When trailer is 90 degrees in alley – correct turn by turning counter clockwise (Left) . This will allow truck and trailer to re align.
  • Step 6 Back straight into the alley until the nose of the tractor passes the passes the front set of cones.